Songs by Bairns

hereBairns CoverMusicians were invited to create pieces of music around the words, poems or stories of children. ‘Songs by Bairns’ is the result. Artwork illustration by 7 year old Oskar Longmuir and is of his grandparents’ house. All proceeds from the compilation will go to The ARCHIE Foundation.

Stream, download and/or purchase a physical copy here.

  1. Jenny Sturgeon – I Love Dogs

I do too but I don’t want to marry one. The mind of 5 year old Emma is indeed mysterious but this is a touching reminder of the bond between pets and children.

  1. Depeche Choad – Dead Mole Party

What do you do if you find a dead mole in your garden and you are 8 year old Euan? Have a dead mole party, that’s what. Like an Easter egg hunt but with deceased animals.

  1. Matricarians – Egg Upon My Knee

Is it common to fear that a bear may be waiting to pounce should you spill any of your tea? Yes, according to 5 year old Maria. The music for this couldn’t be more apt and has now made me afraid to go into the garden with eggs on my knees…which I do often have.

  1. Stephen Podlesny (feat. Heidi) – The Boy From Hoomaloona

Heidi may be 6 but that won’t stop her from setting Home Alone style booby traps to catch whoever has been stealing sweeties from her selection box!

  1. Colin Clyne – Rock a Rock a Diddle

A simple song about love and attachment between a parent and child. Beautiful.

  1. Death Let Her – Death ti a the Pincils (Reverberate)

‘I hinna got ony punts and socks’ would prevent me from completing most tasks but most certainly from dealing with a tiger in my bedroom. 7 year old Isaac is a smart young man, if a little brutal. In response to being asked why his pencils were all snapped, he responds by stating that he hates writing and snaps them to kill them!

  1. CS Buchan (feat. Bruno) – Smelly Peanuts

I sense a great deal of thought went into this one and two year old Bruno has certainly pulled it out of the bag. Congratulations young man, I commend you and your insightful musings.

  1. Best Girl Athlete (feat. Iris) – Bellow

I forsee a future on the stage for seven year old Iris. I feel the joy and excitement of getting outside to play in your voice Iris, it’s tangible and real.

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