Free Best Girl Athlete Download

‘In Your Head’ is from the forthcoming new, self-titled Best Girl Athlete album. It’s a jaunty number written about the time Katie found beasties in her hair and I kept shouting ‘They are in your head Katie’ at her. Luckily, I still had my industrial hair clippers from my army days and put the wee flaichs to the sword. Katie was grateful but wondered how she’d pull off her Bowie, Goblin King outfit for the annual Gallowgate Labyrinth Festival with a shorn head. As luck would have it, The Haggis Horns were lodging on my balcony at the time and saved the day by pulling out this massive bouffant, Tina Turner wig. You should have seen Katie’s face! As a token of my gratitude, I let The Haggis Horns add some of their magic brass dust on the ‘In Your Head’ session. I hope it gives them the break they deserve. Those boys are the hardest working tooters on the Gallowgate. The Revue in Canada have kindly been streaming the track on their site and you can check it out here my lovelies.

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