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Available Now – Best Girl Athlete


Big thanks to all who have bought the album and helped put the word out there. If you don’t have a copy yet, it’s available over at the Bandcamp page. Vinyl is also available at the record stores listed below, as well as the usual digital platforms:
AYR – Big Sparra Vinyl
GLASGOW – Monorail Records / Love Music Glasgow / New Hellfire Club
STOCKTON-ON-TEES – Sound It Out Records
ABERDEEN – Chameleon / North-East Records


Pre-order New BGA Album Here

This one has been a long time coming and just at a time when it looks like the world is about to destroy itself. Terrific. There are a number of songs on the forthcoming Best Girl Athlete album that I feel will soothe the soul of any warmonger. I suggest therefore that we collectively purchase as many copies of this world saving album as possible and bombard Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un with them. You owe it to your country, your race and your planet. Best Girl Athlete can save the world, you can save the world. As a wise, chaste, visionary once sang, “Heal the world, Make it a better place, For you and for me, And the entire human race”. Available to order here.

Free Best Girl Athlete Download

‘In Your Head’ is from the forthcoming new, self-titled Best Girl Athlete album. It’s a jaunty number written about the time Katie found beasties in her hair and I kept shouting ‘They are in your head Katie’ at her. Luckily, I still had my industrial hair clippers from my army days and put the wee flaichs to the sword. Katie was grateful but wondered how she’d pull off her Bowie, Goblin King outfit for the annual Gallowgate Labyrinth Festival with a shorn head. As luck would have it, The Haggis Horns were lodging on my balcony at the time and saved the day by pulling out this massive bouffant, Tina Turner wig. You should have seen Katie’s face! As a token of my gratitude, I let The Haggis Horns add some of their magic brass dust on the ‘In Your Head’ session. I hope it gives them the break they deserve. Those boys are the hardest working tooters on the Gallowgate. The Revue in Canada have kindly been streaming the track on their site and you can check it out here my lovelies.

APARDION: Songs of Aberdeen

This has got to be my favourite release ever. EVER! A wee while back, a liquid meeting with KITCHEN CYNICS aka Alan Davidson and Graeme from Interesting Music Promotions resulted in the idea of commissioning a Kitchen Cynics album that reflected the history of Aberdeen City. If anyone involved in music in the city could do this justice, Kitchen Cynics could. Alan is someone I admire and respect enormously and I was so thrilled when he first sent on the finished tracks, they drew me in immediately. The songs are so well written and the narrative within each track paints a vivid picture. Highly respected Scottish folk musician Alasdair Roberts offers a succinct and deserved summary of this wonderful collection of musical tales below:

Alan Davidson (aka Kitchen Cynics) surely seals his laureateship of the city of Aberdeen with the release of his new album Apardion, a loving homage to the city which made him. Taking its title from the old Norse name for the settlement at the mouth of the Don, Apardion offers a series of song-form episodes from the history of the sophisticated city of glittering granite – a turbulent and eventful history indeed. Listeners are led from the times of the early hunter-gatherers, through a mediaeval turmoil of fire, plague, skirmish and diablerie, to the contemporary glory of that much-loved Victorian thoroughfare, Union Street, all in inimitable Kitchen Cynics style. Apardion is a successful blend of the aesthetically appealing and the informative – edutainment, if you will – its gothic psych-folk arrangements framing oft-sombre narratives leavened by Alan’s dry and earthy Doric wit. Highly recommended for all music lovers, Aberdonian or otherwise! – Alasdair Roberts

Listen here or if you feel saucy enough, buy it. Did I mention it can be bought on ‘granite’ grey vinyl? How ridiculously cool.Ap

Best Girl Athlete Stuff…

K BoneIt’s been a while since the last Best Girl Athlete album, but the wait is finally over for new material. First up is a track recorded for the U.S. Burst & Bloom Record label’s 50th release. Frayed is a devastatingly emotive and beautiful number written by Guy Capecelatero III that will make your heart break. Listen here.

The new album is also finished and we are about to start the campaign and will be showcasing some album tracks very soon with a release date slated for 2nd October. Katie’s song-writing has definitely come to the fore, with the album reflecting a more mature and driven sound. With numerous performance contributions including Iona Fyfe, Rick Redbeard, Jackill and The Haggis Horns, people may be surprised at the direction. What’s the point in putting out another album that sounds the same, eh? Keep your lugs open for more news.