IndianRedLopez Final Gig (sad face)

These fellas are a bloody great live band, have released two VERY fine albums and are lovely individuals. I will genuinely be very sad to see them come to an end but they have strong connections to the label and will continue to work with us in different capacities. If you can’t go and see them in Peterhead on 7th March at The Harbour Lights, I would definitely encourage you to check out their albums, ‘Commit’ and ‘Empty Your Lungs and Breathe’.


Live at Captain Toms Season 3

Delighted to be asked to provide a couple of Fitlike Records artists to play at the superb Live at Captain Toms series this Saturday 31st January. I remember Captain Toms from many years ago, starting out in a small studio in Aberdeen’s Dee Street and it’s been wonderful to see this develop and grow into a mainstay of the music scene in Aberdeen, supporting and promoting artists and musicians within the city and beyond. Our own Death Let Her and The Great Bear will each perform a track and I will be chatting to my favourite teuchter Scott Ironside and the lovely Magenta Lust. I recommend tuning in to watch the proceedings at between 11am and 1pm.

Shmu FM

What’s a Shmu? I don’t know but I’m popping along to their studio this evening for a blether about the label and some of the projects. Death Let Her and The Great Bear will be there to play a few tracks as well. Tune in here.

I lied, it stands for Station House Media Unit!

Dear Aberdeen Compilation

Various Aberdeen musicians were invited to put communications and correspondence from or to Aberdeen into spoken word and/or musical form. Dear Aberdeen is the result and themes range from debt requests, 18th century complaints to the local press to unrequited love. Cover art is by Alan Davidson of Kitchen Cynics.

Although this is a free to download compilation, there is the choice to pay. All money made from the sale of this compilation will be donated to Food Banks Partnership Aberdeen. If you do not wish to donate to this charity, please do not feel obliged to pay. The compilation is available at the label bandcamp page here.

An independent collective of artists based in and around the North East of Scotland