So long…

…and thanks for all the fish. Taking a break, don’t know when and if I’ll be back. Over and out for anoo.


BGA SAY Award Shortlist


Too many acronyms? Agreed. Fancy doing us a favour? If you are a fan of the band, head over to the SAY website before midnight on 22 August and give Best Girl Athlete a vote for getting onto the Scottish Album of the Year shortlist. This would make everyone concerned very happy.

Fitlike Records on BBC Radio 4


The wonderful series from Laura Barton, Notes from a Musical Island visited Aberdeen recently and the episode went out this week. Was really pleased to be part of the series that explores musicians relationships with their locality and environment. The episode will be on the iPlayer for a short while and you can listen here and features three Fitlike artists in CS Buchan, Best Girl Athlete and Kitchen Cynics, along with former Scottish Album of the Year award winner Kathryn Joseph.

NAFCo in the Broch


My home town Fraserburgh doesn’t often get high calibre touring folk musicians, so this is a wonderful opportunity to catch some as part of the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention 2018. The Broch will see a fantastic group of musicians over from Nova Scotia, Canada, including Troy MacGillivray (fiddle & piano), Shelly Campbell (fiddle) and John Pellerin (fiddle & stepdance). They will be joined by brother and sister Alicia and Liam Blore playing Canadian Métis and Aboriginal music, and the lively trio, Figelin, who push the boundaries of their German and Kelzmer roots in an explosive combination of wild fiddles, earthy grooves, and vibrant voices. The performance is in the town’s historic Dalrymple Hall on Wednesday 11th July … tickets available here. If you see me there, say fit like!

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